Freedom “warriors” and how they unwittingly kick themselves in the nuts

They take freedom of speech to a new level. They believe consequences are tyrannical. Literally all of them, even constructive criticism.

From what I see, these special people are split into two: 1. those who believe humans live in vacuums; 2. those who believe in their innate right to live consequence-free lives. An important similarity to point out: they are extremely fearful of censorship.

I hate myself for taking so long to notice the contradictions.

The former believe so because they want to believe our actions never affect others. In other words, they want an excuse to be irresponsible. But then, their fear of censorship becomes irrational.

If your actions don’t affect others, shouldn’t you be spared from other people’s as well? I mean, if you believe in the vacuums, I don’t see why you should be fearful of any censorship attempts.

The latter are obviously a bunch of people who touch themselves to their mirror reflections. It took me a long time to notice the contradiction:

If you have the right to do literally anything you want, shouldn’t you support other people’ right to be tyrannical? I mean, doing everything they want without facing consequences. That sure sounds like tyranny.

Okay, it is not entirely fair. Tyrants have lawful grasp over their respective societies, unbound by limits. They are certainly incomparable to those Ayn Rand-loving commoners.

But, I still bring this argument anyway. Why? Because I do know some of those freedom “warriors” (emphasise on the word “some”) also believe in Might Is Right.

For them, if other people’s actions hurt you, you are weak and, if you are weak, you deserve to be trampled on. There is no morality, only power.

If that’s how you live life, then embrace your weakling status and bow down to the powerful tyrants. If you believe what you believe, then you should accept it when you are on the receiving end.

Limitless freedom is such a bullshit belief. Besides being the favourite excuse of mindless egomaniacs, it is also paradoxically a slippery slope towards oppression.






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