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Not long ago, Youtuber Jamie Raines AKA Jammidodger made a video about concerned transphobes.

They didn’t like how many of their fellow transphobes were unsavoury public figures like Rand Paul. While they held on to their belief (unsurprisingly), they were worried about their public image, as if bigotry is not damaging enough.

Obviously, this is guilt by association, a fallacy. If you want to determine the rightness of your views, you should focus on your reasoning, factuality and on whether you champion prejudice against people whose mere existence do no harm.

But, just because it is a fallacy, that does not mean you can pat yourself on the back.

Let me use myself as an example.

I believe the citizens are entitled to free education and healthcare. But, I am not alarmed that authoritarian and totalitarian governments share similar stances. Why? Because there are also liberal democratic, free speech-embracing governments who believe in the same things. There is no correlation between generous state-funded services and liberty (or the lack of).

I am a Muslim. While I acknowledge that Muslim world does have a severe case of extremism, I also never feel guilty about being one. Many terrorists nowadays are indeed Muslims. But then, so are many morally upright and progressive individuals; in fact, many have proven themselves to be better than the anti-Muslim bigots.

But, I had considerable doubt regarding my pro-burqa ban stance.

Not only there is nothing sensical about our right to someone else’s face, most of my fellow proponents were problematic. They were either anti-Muslim bigots, liberal Muslims who pandered to the bigots, ex-Muslims who were vengeful against all Muslims or moderate Indonesian Muslims who were definitely not progressives.

Not to mention the stance itself was problematic (duh!). It was prejudicial against people who dressed in certain ways and it dictated how women should dress.

My rejection of this stance was pathetically gradual. It took the ongoing pandemic – which forces people to mask up – to concluded it.

Overall, you should never feel bad when SOME of your fellow ideologues or believers are morally questionable. But, you should sound the alarm when almost all of them are.

If that’s the case, then there is something wrong with either you, the beliefs or both. Self-contemplation is a must.






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