Are all gender roles inborn?

No, they are not.

If they can be explained biologically, then they are indeed inborn. The problem is some think every gender role – even the non-biological ones – is inborn.

Women must wear heels, men cannot wear dress, cooking is a must for women, automotive is a must for men. If you believe those, then you must also do the following:

Prove that your idea of gender roles is upheld not just by literally every human society, but also literally every human being in existence.

Prove that it existed in the prehistoric era. Show us the evidences of prehistoric women wearing heels and dresses, of prehistoric men enjoying automotive.

If you believe women and men are “programmed” that way, then you should also believe heels and cars are as old as mankind.

I believe humans are “programmed” to enjoy beauty. Do I have proofs? Yes, I do.

Our prehistoric ancestors painted on their cave walls and sculpted tear-shaped stone knives. Amid the urgency of survival needs, they still created art. It reveals we are born with hunger for beauty; it sticks with us regardless of our circumstances.

It would be dishonest of me to declare a victory. But, without doubt, my claim has a backbone and yours doesn’t.

Like it or not, my demands are reasonable. If you say faeces is delicious, you bloody better prove it.






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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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