Holidays during the pandemic

If they hold deep spiritual meanings for you, then no festivities needed. Pure and simple.

I mean, why should you? If they are indeed spiritual, shouldn’t you be able to cherish them by yourselves? Isn’t spirituality -which is all about cherishing the connection with one’s self (and one’s God)- inherently solitary in nature?* If you are truly spiritual, shouldn’t you spare some of your time for a bit of solitude?

Some of you may argue holidays are the times to bond with each other. But, the thing is you can bond at any other times! You can bond during meal times, work breaks, daily commutes, exercises, imprisonment, urinating, you name it. Literally all you need is the presence of compatible human beings, that is it!

Some of you may also argue that holidays are meant to be adorned with festivities. But, this argument also does not make sense because partying can be done at any other times as well! Party animals have shown you that celebrations can happen anytime and anywhere!

In fact, this excuse is even more infuriating because they defend their hedonism under the guise of meaningfulness. I love me some indulgence. But, I never try to frame mine as something profound. It is supposed to be carnal and shallow, for god’s sake! It is supposed to keep us in tune with the mortal plane!

I have been having this frustration for years. But, this year, it has escalated because people think those excuses are worth breaking life-saving health protocols!

The only problem I have with this writing of mine is how long-overdue it is. I could have written it months ago. But, somehow, I choose to write it now…. almost a year into the pandemic.



*Yes, it is admittedly a very biased definition of spirituality and may come across as sanctimonious. But, I base it on my observations of how people I have met -both religious and non-religious, both theists and non-theists- describe their spiritual lives.

Virtually all of the personal accounts share one common denominator: they perceive spirituality as an act of communing with one’s self, with or without the presence of the almighty. It is all about determining their places within the universe.

Yes, my definition is far from perfect. But, at least, it is way less shallow than the ones that liken it to religiosity or feelgoodism.

I perceive spirituality as a solitary endeavour because those personal accounts reveal contemplativeness and, you know, contemplation requires solitude.

There is no arguing about that. How can you reflect if you let yourselves distracted? No, you don’t have to live as a hermit; in fact, I think that is a bit too extreme.

But, you certainly have to be alone with your minds…. and, if you are theistic, alone with your God(s).

Me being a captain obvious.






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