Are Islamophobes racist?


Some are and some aren’t. What? Did you expect me to answer either one?

Let me think. If they differentiate Islam from Muslims, they are not bigoted against us, not even the slightest. Frankly, I have no problem with Islamophobia. It is reasonable to fear ideas and/or their horrifying interpretations. In fact, I have been treated really well by Islamophobes. Let’s be real: calling them bigots is a blatant attempt to silent them.

If they hate Muslims just because they hate Islam, they are anti-Muslim bigots. They see us as a hoard of robots, not as human individuals of varying cultural, social, economic, political, psychological and denominational backgrounds. Calling them bigots is just pointing out the truth. But, are all of them racists? No, they are not. Muslims are not a race, we are a religious group.

But, the bigots give a living hell to Arab Christians and non-Muslim South Asians who supposedly look “Muslim”. But, it still not necessarily racist. The bigotry may be cultural; the turban, also worn by Sikhs, and the Arabic language, also spoken by Arab Christians, are always associated with Muslims. Yes, most Muslims do not wear turban and cannot speak Arabic. Cultural entities are not races.

What if the discrimination is based on skin colours and facial features? You can call that racism. Wait, no. That is racism! Some people are triggered with certain physical looks. Their extreme fear start taking over everything, including their common sense. Then, they start lashing on anyone who have “those looks”. It doesn’t matter if those people are Muslims or not. Brown skin is enough to make some people ‘Muslims’. The bigots (God, I keep using the word) will do anything to satisfy their sense of abomination against fellow human beings.

Muslim apologists don’t get the “Muslims are not a race” memo. But then, so do some bigots.

Author: The Stammering Dunce

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