Diajarin ngomong yang “benar”, malah ngambek

Setiap kali ada Youtuber yang mengajari penonton mereka cara berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan “benar” (perhatikan tanda kutipnya), pasti saja ada orang-orang yang marah.

Kenapa mereka marah? Mereka bilang logat tidak hanya ada satu. Jadi, menurut mereka, terserah kita mau ngomong kayak gimana.

Memang betul setiap bahasa memiliki berbagai macam logat. Memang betul juga bahwa di ilmu kajian bahasa, tidak ada yang namanya logat “benar” atau “salah”.

Tetapi, saya punya pertanyaan: mengapa anda belajar bahasa?

Jawabannya antara anda memang pencinta bahasa… atau anda ingin berkomunikasi dengan lebih banyak orang. Jika komunikasi adalah keinginan anda, jangan asal ngomong!

Adanya berbagai macam logat bukanlah alasan. Sebanyak-banyaknya mereka, tidak semuanya dianggap baku. Setiap negara ada yang namanya logat baku dan kegunaannya adalah mempermudah komunikasi antar warga negara; percuma adanya bahasa penyatu jika tidak ada logat penyatu.

Negara-negara berbahasa Inggris sadar bahwa bahasa yang mereka gunakan juga digunakan di negara-negara lain; mereka sadar bahwa logat baku mereka harus bisa dimengerti oleh warga asing. Itulah sebabnya kenapa logat-logat baku mereka cenderung mudah dimengerti orang luar, walaupun logat-logatnya terdengar jauh berbeda.

Lah, lu memangnya siapa? Kok bisa-bisanya bilang lu berhak ngomong sesuka hati dan harap semua orang ngerti?

Bayangkan jika ada orang bule mengucapkan Rupiah seperti Rupayah dan mengucapkan huruf C sebagai K…. dan mereka marah jika dikoreksi. Gak hanya lu gak akan ngerti, lu juga jadi gemes sampe ingin nabok mereka satu persatu.

Jujur saja, kita-kita yang bahasa Inggrisnya tergolong jauh lebih bagus juga ingin nonjok lu pade.

Shane Dawson’s downfall: I should have seen it

No, I am not talking about his content from long ago and his inappropriate interactions with minors. I actually started watching him when he started making those conspiracy videos.

While I think content creators must be held accountable for their creations, I also believe they can grow and distant themselves from their past. Felix Kjellberg AKA Pewdiepie has proven that to us.

No, I am thinking about Shane’s associates.

I have no problem with his fiancé Ryland, Morgan, Garrett, Drew and Andrew as I don’t find them problematic (at least, not that I am aware of). But, Blaire White, Jeffree Star, Breland Kent and Trisha Paytas? They are problematic as fuck.

Not gonna lie, I have a soft spot for his interactions with Jeffree and Trisha. Every time he appears on screen with either one, I cannot help but admiring the chemistry.

And that’s the problem.

A person’s willingness to be associated with said individuals is already a problem in itself. But, the fact that he/she gets along with them on a personal level shows they have some things in common; they may bond because they are all problematic… which is definitely the case with Shane Dawson. Basically, the evidence was right there in front of me and I did not take it seriously.

But, even if Shane is a wholesome person, his social circle is still a problem. Whether we admit it or not, we are influenced by whom we interact with. The more wholesome friends we have, the more likely we go to the straight paths.

And the same thing can be said if we have the complete opposite ones.

What I am saying is, even if I am not aware of his past content and inappropriate behaviours, I still should have seen it coming.






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No, turning former churches into mosques does not benefit the Muslim world, you pseudo-spiritual swines

Predominantly-Muslim countries like Turkey already have not only an abundance of mosques, but also an abundance of prayer rooms. Why do we need more of them? Why do you act like we are deprived of our religious needs within our own territories?

Besides, if you genuinely believe in Allah’s omnipresence, you don’t need a mosque to communicate with Him; you can pray fucking everywhere. And you know what? Muslims who live in places where they are an extremely tiny minority have done just that! You are just a teeny whiny swine!

No, don’t act like this is not a big deal. Erdogan turns a museum -which is a place of learning and therefore, benefits fucking everyone– into a place of worship -which benefits only one fucking religious group! He sends a message to the world that it is acceptable for Muslims to disrespect non-Muslims.

I should also remind you that Hagia Sophia started as a church and Erdogan is also planning to turn another museum which is also formerly a church into a mosque. Not only he encourages his fellow Muslims to be selfish, he also trivialise the plight of many prosecuted Christian minorities all over the world, many of whom don’t have fucking churches of their own! He gives every Christian in the world the middle finger.

If you don’t have a problem with that, it is either you are bigoted yourself or you are unable to see bigotry right in front of you. And yes, being complicit to bigotry is as bad as committing it.

No, don’t act like you don’t want vengeance against Christians. If you don’t, why do you have to remind everyone that anti-Muslim prosecutions, especially ones committed by Christians, exist? Why do you think it is appropriate to respond with ‘two wrongs make a right’?

No, your virtue signalling does not work on me. If you really care about the plight of Muslim minorities, why the fucking hell are you excited about a predominantly-Muslim country having a new mosque? You cannot claim to care about the poor and then get a boner when the rich get tax cuts!


Your unique country isn’t

For non-Americans, it can be a bit weird how Americans identify themselves with their home states when introducing themselves. It does not matter if they interact with foreigners, who may not have heard of the more ‘obscure’ states.

In a Youtube comment section (forget which one), a commenter pointed out that weirdness. Then, among the repliers, there had to be that one annoying person.

He/she could have said this was just an American quirk or had something to do with strong sense of regionalism.

Nope. For him/her, it proves America is literally the only diverse country on earth.

Others, me included, were quick to point out the US of fucking A is NOT the only one. There are countries like Canada, Australia and Brazil where the indigenous populations are brutally sidelined by Europeans of various nationalities and also ones like China, South Africa, Malaysia, India, China and Indonesia. Yet, when introducing themselves to foreigners, people of those countries always refer to their countries instead of their home provinces, states or what have you.

After me and others kept pestering him/her, she/he relented. But then, she/he proceeded to claim that the cultural differences are more pronounced in the US than they are in other countries.

Again, not true. In Indonesia alone, you can easily see how different the ethnic groups are just by looking at their traditional attires or by eating their dishes; I don’t remember what other commenters said about this. He/she did relent for the second time.

But then, she/he claimed that unlike the other countries, USA consists of people who don’t share the same roots.

He/she was right to say the people in those countries share the same roots. The majority of Chinese mainlanders are Hans, most languages in India are either Indo-Aryan or Dravidian, the majority of people in South Africa are of Bantu roots and most Indonesians are of Austronesian roots.

But then, the majority of Americans are descended of Europeans who mostly spoke Indo-European languages. Besides, nowadays, most of them are monolingual Anglophones; their surnames are the only remnants of their non-Anglo heritage, assuming they haven’t been Anglicised.

To make this more frustrating, that person was not the first person I encountered who exaggerated America’s uniqueness, particularly regarding diversity. It shows how ignorance about the world can mislead us into embracing exceptionalism.

I have also encountered people who make this argument about the west as a whole. They use this argument not because they believe in exceptionalism, but because they hate how the west is the only place where multiculturalism is supposedly ‘enforced’…

… Which is, of course, bullshit. Not only diversity exists elsewhere, there are African and Asian countries significantly more diverse than the European ones.

According to Alesina et al and Fearon’s ethnic and cultural diversity indexes, African, Asian and Latin American countries -especially the African ones- easily outrank the west. In fact, the indigenous populations of many non-western countries are already diverse without immigrants.

Iran’s biggest ethnic group forms 50-60% of the population. Afghanistan’s two biggest ethnic ones comprise 40-50% and 25% of the population. Indonesia’s? 40% and 18%. Kenya’s biggest is 17%. Papua New Guinea’s population is almost nine million and it has over eight hundred indigenous languages. Vanuatu? Three hundred thousand people, over a hundred and ten languages.

And we haven’t talked about religions, yet… which in this case, I have to refer to Singapore: biggest religion 33%, second biggest 18%. Unusual, even for many diverse countries.

Those countries are effortlessly multicultural without boasting how multicultural they are. Heck, some even never utter the word.

My point is multiculturalism is not an exclusively western thing. The more you know about the world, the more stupid it is to believe otherwise.

Oh, and if you want to insist on your country’s uniqueness and/or victim status, make sure to mention things that do not happen fucking elsewhere!



Forgot to mention this: diversity also applies to non-white indigenous people of western countries.

In the US, there are five hundred and seventy four federally recognised tribes. In Australia, four hundred. In Brazil, at least two thousand, not accounting undiscovered ones. Mind you, those are the numbers AFTER they have experienced centuries of genocide by the Europeans.

Can you imagine if the genocides never happened? The Americas and Australasia would be even more diverse than they are now. They would easily rival Africa and Asia.

And the world slurps… Indonesian noodles

That one bloody brand

As an Indonesian, I am very much aware of how ‘invisible’ my country is. But, it took me some time to be fully conscious of our instant noodles’ global appeal.

When I say instant noodles, I mean Indomie. Not only it is sold in many countries, many Youtubers have made many videos about it and they include Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal, who seem ecstatic every time they eat Indomie Goreng.

Obviously, if you are used to with how under-the-radar your country is, foreigners liking anything from your country feels weird. With the Indomie hype specifically, I am weirded out… and annoyed.

Don’t get me wrong: Indomie is indeed tasty. But, for God’s sake, other brands exist! Sarimi, Supermi (both share the same parent company with Indomie), ABC, Gaga and Mie Sedap, the last is arguably Indomie’s strongest rival. Their products can be just as tasty, if not more.

While Indonesia did used to have even greater variety of instant noodles, it is still not an excuse to divert our attention to a single brand.

If I were a more dilligent fan of food Youtubers, I would have definitely send them Indonesian instant noodles of various brands. If the Youtubers have made Indomie videos before, I would exclude the brand from my packages and force them to acknowledge other brands as well.

A genuine source of national pride

In another blog post, I mentioned how Indonesia’s lack of international culinary success can be blamed on our lack of pride. This may also explain Indomie’s success.

Obviously, I have to credit the company’s marketing team. But, I also think our sincere pride contributes to the brand’s popularity. The sincerity makes the hype sounds more convincing. Unless our target audiences are gullible, believing in our own words is crucial.

We do import foreign brands. Nissin, Nongshim, Ichiban and even the (in)famous Samyang. In fact, the global popularity of Samyang’s fire noodles compels Indonesian manufacturers to create their own versions.

Considering how Indonesian cuisines are way hotter than the Korean one, it is odd that Koreans made super spicy flavours before we did. Somehow, for many years, we weren’t interested in having our mouths and digestive tracts burned by instant noodles.

But, despite the popularity of Korean brands, we still prefer our own. Apart from the significantly higher prices of the imported products, we also think ours are more flavourful.

And I rarely agree with my fellow countrymen on anything.

‘Weird’ taste buds 

In the year 2000, my eight-year-old self was excited. There was a new kid in town: Mie & Me!

It offered flavours that were considered ‘unusual’ at that time: pizza, burger and spaghetti; can’t remember if there were other flavours. I don’t know if it was the first brand to do so. But, it did make me realise instant noodle flavours should not be limited to what we consider ‘normal’.

Not long after Mie & Me was launched, I remember Indomie launching Chatz, which also offered ‘weird’ flavours like chicken lemon and BBQ sausage… literally the only ones I remember (and the latter tasted like shit). Basically, Mie & Me almost started a new trend.

Yes, almost.

In my memories, I didn’t know anyone other than myself who ate those ‘weird’ products. It seems they were not that popular. Unsurprisingly, they were short-lived, much to my dismay.

A handful of people do still remember the brands. But, they are so obscure, it is hard to find their visual evidences online. With Chatz, I only found just one photo. With Mie & Me, no photos at all!

I don’t know why they were commercial failures. I assume it has something to do with us seeing instant noodles as proper meals… and associating pizza, burger and spaghetti flavours with children’s snacks.

But then, it just an assumption.

‘Traditional’ taste buds

Traditional dishes flavours are not exactly innovative; brands have been selling soto flavour since forever. But, I don’t know they didn’t think of having more varieties from early on.

Nowadays, major brands do produce those flavours with Indomie being the most prolific among them (unsurprisingly). Interestingly, I notice they were first released around the same time as the rise of Batik’s popularity among the masses.

I don’t think Indonesia has experienced a renaissance akin to the Hawaiian one. But, there has been a slow rise of interests in traditional cultures among us. Apart from the aforementioned Batik’s popularity, eating traditional Indonesian dishes is now considered cool once again.

And Indomie aggressively follows the trend. In fact, thanks to this, I would have never heard of a dish called Mie Celor. To this day, I have to yet to try the real thing.

Going glocal

Indomie has (or had, don’t bother to check) Taste of Asia flavours: Singaporean laksa, Korean bulgogi and Thai Tom Yum. Mie Sedap has at least two spicy ‘Korean-style’ flavours. Gaga has jalapeno flavour.

I cannot be certain if they can impress foreigners or not (probably not). But, the variety of flavours being offered is intriguing: it reminds me of the glocal (global and local) nature of Indonesia’s instant noodles lovers.

Unlike with our heritages, we don’t love our instant noodles simply for the sake of loving anything Indonesian. As mentioned before, we are wholeheartedly proud of them. Our pride compels us to promote the noodles to foreigners, consequently taking us out of our cultural bubbles.

But, at the same time, we are not snobby about it… not to my knowledge, at least. There is no shame in enjoying the foreign ones.

Usually, we are either too xenophobic or too xenophiliac. But, in this case, appreciation of both local and foreign things is well-balanced.


What’s dignity?

According to my dictionary, it means self-respect and the quality of worthy of respect. Any other dictionaries I looked into said similar things. Basically, it is how much we are respected by others and by our own selves.

The problem is we are too focused on how others see ourselves.

Some of us think we should listen to others’ so-called criticism NOT for the sake of self-improvement, but for the sake of caving in to peer pressures, for the sake of mindless conformity.

Let me give you an example (and yes, it will be dragging):

Let’s just say there is a young man in front of you who is unemployed, physically unfit and afraid to do any thrill-seeking activities. You constantly criticise him for not having a job and for not being physically active. You also love mocking him for being a scaredy cat.

The question is, why do you do that?

Ideally, you pester him to take a job and exercise because you care about him. You don’t want him to end up having little or no saving, having a snow as white resume and having extremely poor health. You pester him for good reasons.

You mock his fearfulness because you are annoyed by his macho guy-wannabe attitude and you use this opportunity to put that giant pussy in his place.

But, with some of you, that’s not the case, isn’t it?

You pester him to take a job NOT because you care about his future, but because you are offended.

You are one of those retards who believe the meaning of life is to work and/or to uphold neoliberal capitalism and that young man offends you because he unknowingly gives your retarded belief(s) the finger.

You fat-shame him because you don’t like seeing fat people. Who cares about his health? You think you are entitled to see so-called ‘beautiful’ people all the time, to have more people to masturbate to.

And regardless if he is a macho guy-wannabe or not, you would still mock him for being a scaredy cat. Maybe you are offended that he does not fulfil an arbitrary gender role. Maybe you are a retarded bully who takes pleasure in humiliating others. Maybe you are both.

My point is (if you can endure my ramblings) we should be careful in how we let others defining our ‘dignities’.

If they keep bothering you because they genuinely care about you or they are concerned your behaviours may negatively affect others, then you (unfortunately) have to listen to them. If they keep bothering you simply because you are different, then you should give them dildos so they can fuck themselves.

Obviously, differentiating the two is easier said than done. So, the only way to deal with such situation is to ask yourselves these questions:

If I follow their words, who would get the benefits: me or other people? When it benefits them, do I contribute something to my society’s welfare… or do I only pander to the sentiments of self-centred and obnoxious cunts? Would I have an easier time achieving my goals.. or  would I have an even harder time because of it?

How about my emotional health? Would I be just fine… or would I end up miserable because I care too much about other people’s feelings and care too little about mine?

Just be careful when others try to change you for the sake of giving you ‘dignities’.

An actually great defence of monarchism

Well, not ‘great’. Just more convincing.

I have my share of documentaries about royal families. Unsurprisingly, most of them are about the British one; to a lesser extent, I also have watched ones about the Japanese and Swedish ones.

When I watched the documentaries about the Swedish one, I was surprised by the presentation. Instead of classical music or any music that represent Swedish heritage, they utilise pop music. Instead of framing the monarchs as untouchable members of the elite, they are framed as if they would blend really well among the commoners.

I asked a Scandinavian friend of mine and he confirmed Scandinavians prefer their monarchs ‘relatable’.

For a long time, I was confused: how did Sweden, Denmark and Norway manage to cling to both monarchism and Jante Law? Now, I know why.

It is the complete opposite with documentaries about British and Japanese royal families.

Besides the more abundant use of classical music soundtracks, they also lavishly display the wealth, the lineage and the celebrity status of the monarchs… and they are seen as good things! The documentaries insinuate the monarchs are worthy of our admiration because they are blue-blooded wealthy celebrities, because we are (supposedly) inherently underneath them!

Don’t get me wrong: I am still not a big fan of ‘relatable’ monarchs. Even if their relatability is genuine and unfiltered (I doubt it is), it still does not erase the fact that they get their arbitrarily-existing jobs because their ancestors who lived centuries ago were politically powerful. The borderline cultish veneration is still there.

But surely, if you argue monarchs are needed because they are symbols of their people, wouldn’t it make sense to depict them as ‘relatable’? If that’s the case, there is a higher chance I would be a monarchist myself. I don’t see how anyone can symbolically represent others if they are seen as inherently above them.

Well, I do see it. People who are comfortable with the existence of wealth and lineage-based strata would be just fine with feet of the powerful (the right kind, obviously) rested on their heads. For them, it makes perfect sense to feel presented by over-privileged and definitely not relatable individuals.






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Defending Fantastic Beasts…

… Is something that I cannot do. I just cannot simply find any good reasons to justify the direction Fantastic Beasts is going to.

And it does not help the justifications I have encountered do not make any sense. Some are even outright stupid.

The seemingly most reasonable defence is the expansion of the worldbuilding. Taking Rowling’s poor and insufferable worldbuilding skill aside, it does sound like a compelling argument.

But, here’s the thing:  Rowling could have written stories about anything; as long as they are set within the HP universe, they still would have continued the worldbuilding. She could have written a short story about a Slytherin incel who spends his time masturbating in  Knockturn Alley or a witch who fell from grace after exposing her own transphobia and it would still do the exact same job.

And the defences are going downhill even further.

One defence claims the second film is more exciting than the first one because it is less dialogue-driven and more action-packed. For god’s sake, when will people realise our inability to appreciate something is not an evidence of its lack of merit? By the way, many of the films considered as among the greatest in history are actually dialogue-driven. Just sayin’.

While I am still reluctant to diminish the importance of action scenes, I should remind you that characters communicate with each other through dialogues. Not taking experimental/avant-garde films into account, dialogues are crucial to narratives.

Well, fucking duh.

Oh, and how pathetically short is your attention span that you find the first film too boring despite the abundance of actions and special effects? I don’t see anything wrong about enjoying action films. But, for fuck’s sake, expand your horizon a little bit. Don’t be proud of your intellectual limitations.

And I still haven’t talked about the most idiotic defence yet.

Some believe the the series’ change of direction is a good thing. Why? Because they think the story of Newt Scamander, a kind-hearted and soft-spoken male magizoologist whose quest is to study and protect every single magical beast he encounters, is not compelling, One person I encountered even compared this to Pokemon Go.

A non-stereotypical male character as the leading hero. A departure from the usual good vs evil theme in fantasy adventures stories. The tale of Newt Scamander easily stands out in pop culture! How is this not compelling?

The fact that they don’t find a refreshing story compelling indicates their reactionary inclinations. They don’t want creativity, they just want the same thing repeated over and over again. For them, the upholding of the status quo is worth the deceitful title.

I am not saying every new thing is good. But, dismissing them simply because they are unconventional exposes close-mindedness on your part.

Oh, and Pokemon Fucking Go? Seriously?

A Pokemon trainer is someone who captures creatures called Pokemon, train them to fight and send them to battle other trainers’ Pokemon; the more battles you win, the higher your social status will be.

Newt Scamander, on the other hand, is someone who not only studies the creatures but also protect them from human threats.

The former? An exploitative social climber. The latter? A scholar and a protector.

A slight tangent:

An admin (or a former admin) of this Harry Potter fan group had an argument with me about the merit of Fantastic Beasts.

Actually, calling it an argument is too generous. She said I was being disrespectful NOT because I was calling her name, but simply because I kept challenging her views! So, she suspended me, prohibiting me to post anything for a few days.

Oh, did I tell you she was the one who made that Pokemon comparison?

Her sense of entitlement already showed me how limited her intellectual capability was. So, when she said she didn’t see any differences between a wildlife exploiter and a wildlife protector, I shouldn’t be surprised.

But, I still was, anyway.

For some reasons, there is a part of me who is still naive enough to believe people who are dumber than me don’t exist.

Makan seperti orang Indonesia 1: (tidak) merasa sah

Karangan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Tidak ada yang namanya masakan Indonesia. Yang ada masakan-masakan Indonesia. Kata jamak.

Negara ini, negara nusantara yang diapit dua benua, memiliki ratusan suku bangsa. Pemerintah secara resmi mengakui enam agama dan masih banyak agama lain yang tidak diakui. Adat istiadat kita juga dibubuhi pengaruh Arab, India, Tionghoa, Belanda and Portugal. Keanekaragaman tersebut adalah bukti bahwa kita memiliki berbagai macam budaya dan itu artinya kita juga memiliki berbagai macam cara memasak.

Masakan Jawa dan Sunda hampir sepenuhnya bebas dari pengaruh asing, walaupun kesenian Jawa dan Sunda sendiri memiliki pengaruh besar dari India. Masakan Jawa terkenal akan rasanya yang manis; itu disebabkan oleh penggunaan gula merah dan kecap manis yang melimpah ruah. Masakan Sunda terkenal akan rasanya yang ‘seperti tanah’ (saya tidak tahu cara menerjemahkan earthy); itu disebabkan oleh penggunaan sayur-mayur mentah.

Sebagai kota di pulau Sumatra, Palembang bisa dibilang aneh karena masakannya dipengaruhi masakan Jawa dan pengunaan rempah yang tergolong minim. Mereka juga menggunakan ikan air tawar dan ikan laut; di Indonesia, masakan-masakah daerah cenderung menggunakan salah satu saja.

Masakan Minangkabau dan Melayu terkenal akan kuah santan mereka yang berbumbu, kental dan penuh kolesterol. Mereka dipengaruhi oleh India dan Timur Tengah. Masakan Melayu juga dipengaruhi Tiongkok dan adalah kerabat masakan Peranakan, yang juga berakar di Tiongkok dan dengan mudah ditemukan di Singapura dan Malaysia.

Walaupun kita juga punya hidangan Peranakan, hidangan Tionghoa yang minim rempah jauh lebih terkenal. Mereka lebih mirip dengan masakan Tionghoa yang ‘asli’.

Masakan Batak terkenal akan andaliman, rempah yang membuat lidah kebas dan kerabat dengan merica sichuan dan hidangan yang menggunakan isi perut sapi sebagai bahan. Sebagian orang Batak Kristen juga terkenal doyan memakan daging anjing.

Masakan Minahasa memiliki reputasi yang lebih ‘bejat’ karena, selain reputasi mereka sebagai salah satu masakan paling pedas di Indonesia, mereka juga menggunakan daging-daging ‘eksotis’ seperti daging kelelawar, tikus hutan, ular, monyet dan, tentu saja, anjing.

Bisa dibilang masakan Betawi adalah masakan yang paling ‘blasteran’ di Indonesia. Masakannya dipengaruhi oleh berbagai budaya daerah dan budaya asing. Masakan Betawi mencakupi semua budaya-budaya asing yang saya sebutkan sebelumnya! Karena kecangkupan luas itulah saya bingung apa yang membuat makanan Betawi khas. Entah kenapa, saya mengaitkan hidangan Betawi dengan wangi sereh, walaupun jelas tidak semuanya menggunakan bahan tersebut.

Saya hanya baru mencicipi segelintir hidangan-hidangan Indonesia. Tetapi, pengalaman sempit saya sudah menyingkap betapa beragamnya masakan Indonesia; ‘penjelajahan’ saya masih belum dimulai. Bahkan saya yakin orang-orang yang seumur-umur belum pernah makan makanan Indonesia akan mengakui keanekaragamannya hanya dengan membaca sumber-sumber daring terpercaya.

Keanekaragaman tersebut membuktikan bahwa Indonesia bisa memuaskan berbagai macam selera lidah. Dari segi ketenaran, makanan kita bisa saja dengan mudah mengalahkan makanan dari Jepang dan Korea Selatan, dua negara yang terkenal homogen. Kita bisa saja menjadi salah satu pemain kuliner utama di tingkat dunia.

Sayangnya, dunia nyata berkata lain.

Ketenaran dapat diraih dengan embaran yang penuh percaya diri. Embaran tersebut harus dilaksanakan dengan kukuh dan kita harus percaya dengan kata-kata kita sendiri. Saya yang canggungnya minta ampun pun tahu soal itu!

Embaran kita terlalu lemah gemulai. Kita pemalas dan tidak percaya ucapan kita sendiri. Kita malu akan keberadaan diri kita sebagai manusia berbudaya. Kita merasa ‘sah’ hanya saat orang asing memuji kebudayaan kita.

Itulah sebabnya kenapa kita bisa menemukan banyak Youtuber asing yang membuat video tentang makanan Indonesia.*

Saya pernah bertemu orang Indonesia yang bangga akan masakan bangsa sendiri. Tapi, sebagian besar dari mereka hanya bisa menikmati hidangan Indonesia; bahkan, sebagian dari mereka hanya menyukai hidangan dari suku mereka sendiri.

Pada dasarnya, mereka bagaikan katak dalam tempurung.



*Saya seolah-olah mengatakan bahwa kehadiran Youtuber asing (entah kenapa, banyak dari mereka adalah orang Korea) yang mencari nafkah dengan makan makanan Indonesia adalah hal yang buruk.

Saya tidak merasa begitu. Bahkan, saya merasa kagum dengan sebagian dari mereka. Saya hanya ingin menegaskan bahwa orang Indonesia masih mendambakan pengakuan dari luar bak remaja yang tidak percaya diri.

Ada juga kekhawatiran kalau orang asing memanfaatkan ketidakpercayaan diri kita. Saya merasa kekhawatiran itu sah. Tapi, hanya karena sah, bukan berarti semuanya memang melakukan hal itu!

Jika mau menuduh mereka secara terang-terangan, usahakan kau punya buktinya. Perasaan kau yang dodol itu tidak bisa digunakan sebagai bukti!






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Another thing the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic reminds me…

…Is how people believe science 100% is settled and how they love worshipping egomaniacs.

First of all, science is NOT 100% settled.

The beauty of science is its lack of absolute facts. Science is all about constantly updating with new data. If science is proven wrong, we need to accept that and embrace the new knowledge!

This realisation arose when my fellow Indonesians (who are known worldwide as scientific geniuses, obviously) mocked me for saying masks are not 100% effective.

Not only they dishonestly misconstrued my words as ‘0% effective’, they also insisted that wearing masks help us protecting ourselves from others when it is more effective the other fucking way around. They also laughed at the effectiveness of washing hands and physical distancing; they still believed the only way for them to get infected by a viral respiratory disease is to have the virus go directly into the holes on their fugly, punchable faces.

If I want to mention something less anecdotal and more political, I will refer to Americans who think they know medicine better than Doctor Fauci.

Never mind the conspiracy which claims he makes millions of the pandemic. They genuinely believe his constant self-correction proves he is a charlatan who deliberately mislead the public for his own benefits.

Understand what I just wrote. They will consider you untrustworthy NOT because you refuse you to correct yourself, but because you actually correct yourself! Apart from the aforementioned misunderstanding of science, this shows how they love worshipping any egomaniac public figures who see themselves as absolutely right about everything!

Of course, many of those Americans are Trump supporters AKA members of the largest cult in North America.

It is infuriating yet unsurprising.






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