What I learned from the ongoing pandemic

No, I did not learn about governmental incompetence, human selfishness, the flaws of neoliberalism and unwillingness to learn from past mistakes; students of history already know that.

What I learned is that extroversion can be a liability during pandemics.

You have definitely heard about how citizens of various countries do not conform to social distancing. It shows how people with a gregarious personality can have a problem following the advice, which is a governmental ruling in some places.

They love socialising so much, they believe satisfying their desire for it is more important than the collective well-being. Who gives a fuck about the pandemic? I just want to party and pretending to be good friends with anyone!

Growing up, I was shamed into believing that introverts like me were ‘abnormal’ and ‘damaged’ while extroverts were the ‘healthy’ and ‘well-rounded’ ones; it took me years to find out about the truth and attain self-acceptance.

Now, it feels almost sadistically-gratifying to witness how genuinely abnormal and damaged those extroverts are, to witness how those who call us ‘anti-social’ have exposed themselves to be the anti-social ones; if you know what ‘extrovert, ‘introvert’ and ‘anti-social’ actually mean, you would not find anything oxymoronic about ‘anti-social extroverts’.

I respect socially-responsible extroverts for putting public well-being first and sacrificing their love of social interactions.

Incoming dark and potentially-pseudoscientific musing:

If we experience a few more pandemics in the incoming years or even decades, would the incoming human generations become more introverted or more tolerant of introversion?

Obviously, introverts are experts in social distancing; unless resource-depletion is a problem, we can definitely survive pandemics and therefore, passing down our introverted genes.

Socially responsible extroverts will inevitably learn how to appreciate solitude; if they survive the pandemics (and they very likely will), they will be able to procreate and pass down the appreciation to their descendants.

Anti-social extroverts have a high chance of getting terminated in a pandemic; they will get themselves killed either by the diseases or by angry mobs who accuse them of siding with the diseases. If they do survive, they either change their behaviours out of peer pressures or not changing at all, but they will have a harder time passing down their genes because there will be fewer living beings who want to cum with them.

But then, I know extremely little about evolution and natural selection. This will always be my personal and unnecessarily-dark musing.






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