Two myths about the older generations

*puts on a mask*


Can’t believe I have to do this in the first place.

1. They raised the newer ones.

That’s a big pile of baby poop. They never did. Not long after they were born, those youths ran away from homes to live in recluse cults. They taught each other how to be spoiled, unsophisticated, crude and immoral. They didn’t get their retarded flaws from their parents grandparents and teachers. They got them from their retarded selves.

2. They created all of the mess.

A slander that hurts their fragile emotions. Come on! It’s no secret that those youths time travelled to decades and even centuries before they were born! Then, they went satanic by perpetrating savagery like crashing the economy, forming the KKK, causing the plagues and even commiting the holocaust! After quenching their thirst of blood of the innocents, they’re framing the poor older people for crimes they didn’t commit.

Take a look at those old farts! Look at their sagging skins. Look at their literally greying hair. Look at their youthfulness tragically slipping away from them. Notice how the graves start appearing around them, whispering invitation to their decrepit ears.

Sad and lame, aren’t they? Do you seriously think such people will raise a generation of retards? Do you seriously think they have the capability to commit long-lasting atrocities? I don’t think so. They even think LOL stands of Lots Of Love.

Just stop it!

*takes off the mask*

How to use your freedom

*puts on a mask*

Some of us don’t know how to do it. As some who knows how, I am personally offended by that! God! But, I am joyful that I am not alone. There are others who share my beautiful mindset. Oh, you want to know how to do it as well? Well, I will gladly show you. It is simple:

Hate anyone who are different from you. You have to dehumanise them. How dare they being different from you? Why can’t they see how you are the model of a perfect human being? Everything about you is not only the best, they are also the most moral! If you don’t believe that, it means you are self-loathing…and you need to kill yourself now (Contact me if you want to know how)! Needless to say, you also have to defend your fellow assholes. Their critics are nothing but dangerous freedom haters. It is our moral obligation to silence them, no matter what it take. Freedom is and should be a one-way street.

If human abuse sounds like an essence of freedom, it is not. It is the only essence of freedom! Our ancestors created freedom because they wanted to be assholes! It is disgusting how tolerant and nice people back then. I dream of a world where everyone abuses each other. Aaah, it will always just be a utopia for the honourable ones among us.

*takes off the mask*


*puts on a mask*

There are two good reasons why you need to always vote:

1. Voting makes you look contributive.

It doesn’t matter if you actually aren’t. If your vote turned into vampiric leeches who suck the blood of the people until they shrivelled up like dried fruits, Don’t worry. It is indeed your fault. But, you can blame it on the non-voters, who didn’t contribute anything to the country’ demise.

2. Voting makes you look intelligent and informed.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you actually aren’t. It is okay to use the “vote for the lesser evil” argument, which is a nice way of saying “vote for evil is good and no vote is evil”. It is okay to be effortlessly duped by politicians. It is even okay to know nothing about what you vote for…just like the genius Brits who voted for Brexit and were disappointed when it won.

Many voters are guilty of them and yet their image are still wrongly blemished (reminds me of corrupt politicians who got revoted over and over again). I think we should thank one group of people: the unbelievably naive imbeciles. Those critters, who are still influential, are naive about what it takes to be good citizens. They still believe we have to always vote, no matter how poorly-informed we are about the choices and/or how obscene they are. Thanks to them, genuinely repellent voters still have good reputation. If you want it, be one.

*takes off the mask*