Bigots are not that united

I started noticing it when the Trump administration caged refugee children and separated them from their parents. The reactions from his supporters are interesting.

Some refute the claim that the children were caged, with Laura Ingraham calling the detention centre “summer camp” by misquoting an article, and they accused Trump’s detractors of slander. Meanwhile, others straight up relishing the cruelty because they believed illegal immigration (they didn’t differentiate it from asylum seeking) was the worst crime ever committed and even children must be punished; when hearing about a child with Down Syndrome was separated from her mother, Corey Lewandowski said womp womp and refused to apologise for it.

Basically, some didn’t believe the atrocity occurred (even though they still dehumanised the asylum seekers) while others celebrated its occurrence. After that, I cannot stop but noticing the pattern in other cases.

Conservative Christian nationalists in the west either paint themselves and their fellow believers as the marginalised ones OR they think the status quo – in which their religion is the golden child – should remain upheld. I notice the same thing about their Indonesian Muslim counterparts.

And yes, I also notice something similar about the racists, misogynists and anti-LGBT crowds. I am too lazy to detail all of them one by one.

Despite perceiving reality very differently, they are able to work together, in the name of giving women and minorities the finger.

Meanwhile, the progressives – ones in the west, at least- are infamous for disunity.

In general, they are pro-equality for women and minorities and they believe the state of equality is still far from perfect. But, they easily let any differences in opinions – no matter how minor – divide them, despite having similar perceptions of reality. They constantly shoot their own feet.

No conquer and divided needed.

Conquer and divide.


Why don’t we do that to bigots? Seriously, why?

The crack is there, blatant for anyone to see! How come that there are no efforts to divide and conquer them?

Maybe many progressives don’t see it; they are either too disheartened by the sight of their opponents’ unity to see the crack… or too dumb to read between the lines.

Maybe many do see the crack. But, for some reasons, they refuse to divide and conquer.

The refusal is not the only reason why they keep losing; unity among themselves is still crucial. But, it is certainly a reason; weakening our enemies can certainly help us achieving our goals.

And considering the enemies want to take human rights away from their fellow human beings, I won’t feel guilty for “playing dirty”.






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