The existential dread of bootlickers

In places where police brutality is rampant, cops are comparable to domestic abusers. They wrongfully arrest and kill citizens and then try to gaslight everyone that life is better with their presence, despite evidences to the contrary.

I don’t know how to compare bootlickers here. Are they Stockholm syndrome sufferers? Domestic abuse enablers? Both? Neither? I can’t say. I am more comfortable to describe them from an existential perspective.

When non-bootlickers are in trouble, they either call the police for help and expect to be disappointed (and may get brutalised as a “bonus”) or they don’t bother at all, accepting their fates as their problems eat them alive.

Some are hopeful; while they are distrustful and even hostile towards cops, they still believe institutional reforms are possible. Others are cynical; they see the authorities as inherently evil entities and no amount of reforms will cut it.

Meanwhile, bootlickers believe humans are destined to worship the authorities. Whether the cops violate human rights or not, they don’t care. What they care about is ensuring cops receive unquestioning obedience from the masses. They believe worshipping the authorities is the meaning of life.

For them, not bootlicking means feeling naked and frail in this treacherous earthly realm… and they believe non-bootlickers make them experience those feelings, even though those “strong” cops are still in power.

They cannot comprehend that some non-bootlickers want the cops to stay exist, but with drastic structural reforms. They cannot comprehend that it is more complicated and grey than simply bootlicking vs lawlessness.

They disregard the fact that those “strong” cops are their fellow human beings, meaning they are also at life’s mercy; as mankind’s solace, they are inherently impotent.

I also don’t know how to deal with the existential dread. But, I am certain putting my trust on violent men in uniforms is not the way.



Note: Bootlickers and non-bootlickers are not comparable to theists, agnostics and atheists.

The former’s contention is about cops’ worth in our lives. Meanwhile, the latter’s is about Gods’ existence.






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