Destructive criticism shouldn’t motivate you

Why should it?

The proceeding adjective should have been enough. Destructive critics don’t care about our well-being; they inject mind-controlling parasites into our minds and make sure they are hard to get rid off. They want the power to control our lives, they want to live rent free in our minds, free to release toxins within them.

If they do care about us, they wouldn’t exaggerate our weaknesses and make us feel guilty for having trivial ones that do not affect them personally. If they do care about us, their criticism would have been factual and they would have targeted weaknesses that are actually detrimental to us and/or others.

Why do you exercise? Is it because you want to be healthier or want to be more physically attractive? Or is it because some people bully you because they don’t like seeing fat people?

Why do you work long hours? Is it because you love your job or you want more money? Or is it because you want people stop calling you a lazy pig?

Why do you study hard? Is it because you love the subjects or you want the diplomas for future employment? Or is it because you want people stop calling you a stupid pig?

Why do you do those adrenaline-inducing activities? Is it because you are an adrenaline junkie or you want to overcome your fear? Or is it because you want people stop calling you a pussy?

Why do you do the things you do? Is it because you love doing them and/or you want to reap the benefits, regardless of how shallow or profound those benefits are? Or is it because you want others to stop verbally abusing you?

If your answer is always the latter, then you have a problem. Even if those destructive criticism brings us worldly successes, your life still revolves around the desires of your abusers, NOT your own.

Yes, thriving to achieve worldly successes is great. But, is it really worth our time and energy if our goal isn’t to please ourselves but to please our abusers?

One may argue that we shouldn’t complain; if the abuses bring us those worldly successes, shouldn’t we show gratitude instead of behaving like ungrateful brats?

First, how can those successes of yours bring pleasure when they were never intended to please you? If they do bring pleasure, is it possible that you and your abusers just happen to share the same dreams?

Second, what if other people abuse you not for your weight and lack of workaholism, but for your sexuality, facial features, cultural backgrounds and skin colour? Believe it or not, if yours are the right kind, your life would be practically easier; not only you would be less likely to suffer abuse, you would have easier time achieving professional successes as promotions become more likely to occur.

Now, if you are a giant cunt who think simply being different is inflammatory, you would not see anything wrong with the whole thing. But, if you are one of the lessers cunts, you would be troubled by it.

One may argue the two groups are not comparable. Weight and workaholism can be achieved and un-achieved while sexuality, skin colour and cultural backgrounds are not things we can pick and choose. I acknowledge the difference.

But, how do those things affect other people? How the fuck does your fatness negatively affect others? Your so-called “laziness”? Your so-called “pussiness”?


Your fatness affect others either by not affirming to their aesthetic standard 0r making you unable to be used as their 0bjects of masturbation.

Your lack of workaholism affect others either by disrespecting their love of workers exploitations or reminding them that workaholism does not always pay off.

Your lack of thrill-seeking affect other people by refusing to put adrenaline junkies on a higher pedestal for their “bravery”.

Basically, those traits of yours affect other people like your skin colours and sexuality do: robbing them the chance to feel undeservingly superior about themselves.






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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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