Russian invasion of Ukraine: why do you support or oppose it?

There will be lots of rhetorical questions here.


Do you support it because you believe a country has the right to self-defense? If you do, why would you side with one that has revived its past imperialistic tendency by not only spewing imperialistic rhetoric and planting spies all over Europe, but also being the aggressor in many conflicts it is involved in?

If attacking another country is a legitimate form of self-defense, does that mean you also support America’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? Why not? I mean, both are thematically comparable.

Both involves a huge, powerful country attacking a smaller, less powerful country(ies) that never attack them in the first place. How is one thematically different from the other? Is it because one is not the US?

Do you support the invasion because it is a middle finger to the US hegemony? If you do, why would you oppose it by supporting another country’s hegemony? Do you hate the USA because it is an imperial power? Or do you hate the USA simply because it is the USA?

Do you support the invasion because you are smitten by Putin? What’s so attractive about him? Do you fall for his conservative politics? Do you fall for his supposed toughness? Do you love how liberals and (non-Tankie) leftists hate him? If the answer is yes for either one, do you believe ideological label similarity, tough image and pissing on your opponents are worth the human rights violations?

If you think the invasion is justified because Ukraine has Russian-speaking minority, does that mean you are okay with America invading countries with English-speaking minorities instead?


Do you oppose it because you believe in human rights and respect of every country’s sovereignty? If you do, do you support the US invasion of Iraq in the early 2000’s?

If you do, why do you condemn Russia for violating another country’s sovereignty while you have no problem about USA doing the same thing? What’s so special about the USA that makes it morally exempted?

Have you ever considered that you are actually okay with human rights violations, as long as the perpetrators do not threaten US hegemony? Have you considered that you never care about morality in the first place?

Have you ever had any negative feelings towards all Russians and the invasion worsens them? If that’s the case, do you realise that such generalisation makes you a hateful bigoted asshole?

Do you realise Russia is ruled by an authoritarian government and therefore, its decisions rarely represent the people, if ever? Do you realise there are actual anti-war protests happening in Russia right now?

While I acknowledge that anti-war voices of dissent did exist in America, did you forget that the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions were popular among Americans? Did you forget that George W. Bush was reelected? Do you realise that even to this day, some Americans still make excuses for those invasions?

If all Russians are bloodthirsty warmongers despite the unpopularity of wars, wouldn’t that Americans even bigger bloodthirsty warmongers consider they were and still are more approving of wars?

Do you oppose the war because Ukraine is western and therefore, more “civilised” than Iraq and Afghanistan which you perceive as “barbarically” middle eastern (even though the latter is not even in the middle east)? Did you even realise that you made the “they-don’t-deserve-it-because-they are-civilised” argument?

In conclusion

If you feel personally attacked, then good. They are meant to personally attack people like you.

If you are offended, then why don’t you comfort yourself by resting your face on your mom’s cunt?






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