An eye for an eye makes the world blind… and that’s not always bad

Yes, really.

Do you expect me to believe that the other eye will heal? If it is horribly infected and the infection will spread, then it must be taken out.

I am not going to wait and see because it clearly won’t heal. Cut that shit out before the infection spreads and damages the entire body.

And no, I don’t give a fuck about your hatred of blindness. If you really care about the body’s well-being, you would have fucked your own feeling and let us cut the eye out!

If you think respecting your feeling is worth the spread of the infection, you should go fuck yourself. It is apparent you don’t care about the body’s well-being, you only care about protecting your pigheaded and ungodly egocentric sensibility.

If you are wondering, this is not meant to be a bioethics rant and therefore, not meant to be taken literally.

If you have heard of “an eye for an eye makes the world blind”, you would understand what I am talking about.






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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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