People with car fetish

Obviously, their extreme affection for cars is concerning. They believe that public transportation and walking inherent suck, cycling is purely recreational, cars are the most efficient mode of transport and, if they are those oblivious Americans, cars represent freedom.

Of course, any informed people know those are bullshit. The quality of public transportation and walkability vary between places and bicycles were originally invented as an alternative mode of transport. With cars, they are expensive, unhealthy and environmentally-destructive; having them as the only comfortable option sure sounds like a freedom if your head is up in your ass.

They also believe countries like the Netherlands and Japan are anti-freedom because they are hostile to cars. Never mind it is false because even those countries are still too accommodating to cars; this also shows an inconsistency in the car-worshipping ideology.

They acknowledge that the comfort of driving depends on how car-friendly the local authorities are. They know car-dependency is enforced. They know the comfort is not universal.

And yet, they insist public transportation, walking and cycling suck regardless of the location. They refuse to acknowledge that the other modes can be excellent in the right hands.

I am from Indonesia, a country with horrible public transport and walkability. But, I know damn well there are countries with significantly better ones. I do not let my upbringing cloud my judgements in my adult life.

Earlier, I dismiss the belief that cars represent freedom. Well, that’s because it is the exact of opposite of freedom.

Car-oriented developments require wide roads, highways and huge parking spaces, which call for sacrificing spaces meant for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

When experts-dismissing ideologues are in charge, this can be a vicious cycle because increasing car-friendliness will induce car demands, which will cause more traffic jams, which will increase demands to engorge the roads and parking spaces and erect more highways, which will worsen the pedestrian, cycling and public transport infrastructures, which will induce car demands…. and repeat.

Meanwhile, walkable, transit-oriented and bike-friendly developments are way more inclusive. While cars are treated as guests, they are still allowed to roam; they can be car-lite instead of car-free. Believe it or not, not every car hater thinks it is feasible to completely ban motored vehicles.

In fact, drivers would love driving in the so-called “car-hostile” cities. Why? Because the environment decreases the number of cars on the streets, consequentially decreasing traffic jams or even eliminating them entirely.

Transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly developments are inclusive as fuck.

But, that is not good enough for car freaks. For them, the inconvenience of high parking costs, limited parking spaces and indirect routes is tyrannical. For them, freedom means letting their cars reigning every single street on earth.

They don’t care about freedom to choose and they certainly don’t care about efficiency. The only thing they care about is subjugating the world with their beloved mobile metallic coffins.

They remind me religious nationalists. They believe equal rights for all religions is discriminatory against theirs, while also believing that shoving their religion down other people’s throat is a duty of every righteous person.






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