Why can’t people dress like decent human beings?

*puts on a mask*

I keep seeing people dressing like degenerates everywhere! On TV, on the streets! Seriously, when will stop wearing suits and ties?

Do you know who love wearing suits and ties? Politicians, corporate businessmen, pundits who pretend to be journalists, the mobs, conservatives. You know, morally corrupt people!

Seriously, how can you witness them destroying our societies on the daily basis and yet, not only you want to dress like them, you want the whole world to dress like them?

Surely, if you are a truly dignified person, the last thing you would do is to look like them. If you are a truly dignified person, why don’t you wear only jeans and T-shirts?

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, jeans and T-shirts wearers are not the ones who rule societies and shape them for their own self-interests. They are not the villains here.

If you truly want to look like normal and dignified human beings, you should burn all of your suits and ties and fill your wardrobe with nothing but jeans and tees.

In fact, if you truly care about the state of mankind, you should take it even further by ransacking other people’s wardrobes, burn their entire supply of suits and ties and force them to wear jeans and tees!

*takes off the mask*






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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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