The problem with cancel culture…

… Is not that it exists in the first place, but because it often has undeserving targets.

Yes, I am saying that cancel culture can be a force of good. You cannot expect me to believe every mistake made by public figures are trivial and inconsequential.

Chris Brown physically abused women. Louis CK masturbated in front of women who did not give their consent. Unless you were raised by morally fucktarded parents, you would not see their actions as something to shrug off.

They do not deserve a simple and quick forgiveness. If anything, they either have to be convicted, have their careers ruined or both. But, in the cases of Brown and CK, they suffer neither. So, not only cancel culture targets undeserving people, it also fails to punish deserving ones!

It is interesting how people oppose cancel culture in general because it has wrongfully punished people. When I say interesting, I mean it does not any make sense.

It’s like opposing imprisonment of people accused of crimes simply because wrongful imprisonment happens. Unless you are an anarchist, you would definitely support imprisoning criminals and, unless you are a bootlicker, you would also make calls for reforms. The problem is not on the imprisonment, the problem lies on how the justice system is run.

If we can apply that reasoning to any justice systems, why can’t we do the same to cancel culture?

Oh, and one last thing: I will take concerns about cancel culture more seriously if some of the loudest anti-cancel culture voices are not diarrhoea-regurgitating cockroaches like Bill Maher, Sharon Osbourne and Pierce Morgan.

It is obvious some people oppose cancel culture because they are not adult enough to brave consequences of their words.






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