Dear proud sociable, extroverted people…

Why bother taking pride in being ones if you still don’t know how to be mindful?

No, don’t pretend you know how to when I have seen how cringeworthy you are towards other people.

I may be awkward. But, I am still socially adept enough to realise I have committed so many faux pas. Meanwhile, the sociable extroverts around me constantly commit equally as many without realising or feeling guilty about it.

And here are the list of those many faux pas:

Talking while chewing.

Talking in places where noises are understandably a nuisance.

Breaking personal boundaries.

Boasting about wealth and status.

Seeing wealth and lineage as indicators of our worth as human beings.

Being self-righteous about how cultured and/or virtuous you are.

Dismissing other people’s experiences just because you don’t share them.

Seeing grades as a sign of intelligence.

Unable to accept even the most trivial differing opinions.

Accepting stereotypes as facts.

Mistaking confidence and arrogance with each other.

Thinking bullying and teasing are the same thing.

Loving to insult people and yet hating it when they retaliate.

Lacking empathy and seeing it as a weakness.

Unable to take No for an answer.

Thinking being rational is the same as lacking empathy.

Unable to detect the most obvious sarcasm.

Claiming bootlicking as a sign of sound mental health.

Thinking the rich suffer as much/more than the poor.

Thinking the rich represent the common people better than the poor do.

Willing to sacrifice others for your own selfish sake.

Unable to see the greyness of human beings.

Unable to understand introversion.

I put the last three on the bottom because I want to discuss them further.

So many extroverts like you are incapable of accepting that not everyone is just like you. You genuinely believe you are the definition of normal and introverts are the damaged ones.

Your shallowness compel you to think in extremes. For you, we are either 100% sociable or 100% anti-social. It does not matter if we have a healthy regular dose of human interactions; if we don’t do small talks or we love solitude, you will see us as those who are incapable of connecting with fellow human beings.

Oh, and don’t forget one thing: you are willing to break health protocols in the middle of fucking pandemic -making the disease even harder to control- in the name of socialising.

You have proven that just because you love interacting with fellow human beings and have interacted with millions of them, that does not mean you know how to behave mindfully in their presence and that does not mean you understand human nature at its core.

I just wish you admit that you are nothing but a bunch of damaged, overrated fucks.

I thought the pandemic would be your rude awakening, forcing you to start appreciating solitude and stop overvaluing social interactions. But then, I shouldn’t expect much from damaged, overrated fucks.

Oh, and don’t blame me if the foul-smelling shoes fit.






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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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