Freedom of speech: Is it really that complicated?

No, it is not. People make this seem more complicated than it truly is.

Yes, sometimes hate speeches and incitements are too subtle to warrant any tangible responses. There are still so many humans who are too dumb to see the subtexts. Punishing them for their violence-inciting subtexts is also a slippery slope to punishing anyone for simply having their words misinterpreted.

The keyword here is sometimes.

There are also times when bigots don’t even bother to polish their words. If someone straight up says “No rights for the ****” or even “Kill the ****”, they are definitely committing hate speeches and incitements.

For anyone with enough common sense, the venomous messages couldn’t be any clearer. Unless, of course, common sense is not your thing.

Maybe you think something is not bigoted unless it is violent. You are one of those people whose feelgoodism compels you to take the shiny surface for granted, to take actions only when the problems have caused physical harms.

Maybe you are a believer of absolute freedom of speech who refuses to brave the consequences of your words. You pretend there are no such things hate speeches and incitements, labelling them as mere myths created by libtards and commies.

If you are neither, congrats! You are not one of pricks who feel compelled to needlessly complicate things with intellectually dishonest bogus nuances.

You acknowledge that life is full of grey, black and white patches, that some things in life are unambiguously clear-cut and understanding them is a no-brainer.






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