No, illegal immigrants are not home invaders, you dumbfucks

I always wonder why some people are extremely offended by the idea of people trespassing the borders. From all the fucking things in the world, they choose to be offended by the disrespect of imaginary and arbitrary lines.

Obviously, bigotry has something to do with this. Considering how the immigration opposition tend to emerge when foreign countries with differing racial backgrounds are involved, calling them bigots is not far-fetched. But, I still find this unsatisfactory.

Then, one day, I noticed that some people compare illegal immigration to home invasion. That explains why people take it too seriously.

Of course, right off the bat, it is bullshit.

Comparing illegal immigrants to home invaders means you believe their mere presence always directly affect your personal lives. Unless they take over your country’s government and instil a totalitarian rule, I don’t see how the analogy makes sense.

I am more inclined to compare them to apartment squatters. It makes more senses because their presence do not always directly affect the lives of the legal occupants. But, even then, this still does not make any sense.

Why? Because there are illegal immigrants who pay taxes (sometimes, more than those rich xenophobes). While it seems to be an exclusively American case (as far as I am concerned), that one fact makes it harder for us to create a nuanced analogy for illegal immigrations.

I mean, squatters who pay the bills? Do they even exist?

Speaking about analogies, I think there are people who can be perfectly described as home invaders: European colonisers in Australia and the Americas*.

If they were not busy killing off the indigenous populations, they were busy subjugating totalitarian rules upon them; they loved brutally punishing anyone who still clung onto their heritages.

Unlike illegal immigrants -some of which tend to stick with their own kinds and leave others alone-, those colonisers would not feel joy until everyone only spoke their languages, embraced their customs and worshipped their Gods.

Unlike illegal immigrants, those colonisers were the home invaders.

Oh, and notice how the same westerners who love demonising illegal immigrants are also the same ones who love whitewashing colonial histories.



*I have to be specific with the geography. While it is undeniable that many Asians and Africans suffered immensely under European colonial rules, the European colonisers seemed more eager to wipe indigenous Australian and Americans out, physically and/or culturally.

Yes, many African and Asian artefacts were (and still are) looted by European colonisers. But, at least, many Africans and Asians still speak their ancestral languages, eat their ancestral cuisines and perform their ancestral arts**. Many indigenous Australians and Americans don’t have that privilege.



**Of course, that’s within the context of European colonialism. Unfortunately, Asians also colonise their fellow Asians. For example: the Ainus in Japan and the Taiwanese Aboriginals are losing their languages to the Japanese and Chinese languages, respectively.






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