There is a problem with Geograpeeps

AKA fans and subscribers of the Youtube channel Geography Now, a channel that I consider to be successful in giving short lessons in geography .

The problem with them? It seems some don’t care about actually learning geography. They just want to hear about headline-making countries.

Some of my fellow fans also pointed this out; they said they had seen comments that demand Paul to only talk about their favourite countries. Personally, I have never seen the comments myself. But, reading the numbers, I am inclined to take their word for it.

The channel has over two million subscribers… and yet most videos about the lesser known countries -particularly the ones in Africa, the pacific and the Caribbean- still have less than a million each.

Of course, you may argue people don’t watch every single video of the channels they are subscribed to, which is true. I certainly don’t watch every single video of my most favourite creators. But, in this case, it is certainly not it.

If it is, why do the more well-known countries always rack up over a million views? Why does the viewership disparity exist in the first place? 

Interestingly, in the Iraq video, there is a character who is impatient with him for not immediately talking about terrorists. Hence, why I am inclined to believe he also shares my annoyance.

Combining all of those facts together, it is obvious those viewers only care about affirming their preconceived notions… and I don’t need to explain in details why they are nauseating to deal with. 

For them, learning is all about hearing what they want to hear. In the case of Geo Now, they just want to hear about how wonderful or horrible their favourite or most hated countries are.

And the large amounts of truth bombs will never change their minds. Even if they are not violently angry, they would still be able to filter any ‘undesirable’ information from entering their mushy, snowflakey brains.

Frankly, I would be annoyed a lot less if they mingle with each other instead of bothering anyone who genuinely want to learn.

Now, I wonder if other educational channels share the same problem. I do know pseudo-scientists and propagandists occasionally swarm the comment sections of some of their videos. But, do they also subscribe to the channels and expect the creators to affirm their beliefs?


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