Another thing the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic reminds me…

…Is how people believe science 100% is settled and how they love worshipping egomaniacs.

First of all, science is NOT 100% settled.

The beauty of science is its lack of absolute facts. Science is all about constantly updating with new data. If science is proven wrong, we need to accept that and embrace the new knowledge!

This realisation arose when my fellow Indonesians (who are known worldwide as scientific geniuses, obviously) mocked me for saying masks are not 100% effective.

Not only they dishonestly misconstrued my words as ‘0% effective’, they also insisted that wearing masks help us protecting ourselves from others when it is more effective the other fucking way around. They also laughed at the effectiveness of washing hands and physical distancing; they still believed the only way for them to get infected by a viral respiratory disease is to have the virus go directly into the holes on their fugly, punchable faces.

If I want to mention something less anecdotal and more political, I will refer to Americans who think they know medicine better than Doctor Fauci.

Never mind the conspiracy which claims he makes millions of the pandemic. They genuinely believe his constant self-correction proves he is a charlatan who deliberately mislead the public for his own benefits.

Understand what I just wrote. They will consider you untrustworthy NOT because you refuse you to correct yourself, but because you actually correct yourself! Apart from the aforementioned misunderstanding of science, this shows how they love worshipping any egomaniac public figures who see themselves as absolutely right about everything!

Of course, many of those Americans are Trump supporters AKA members of the largest cult in North America.

It is infuriating yet unsurprising.






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