The Coronavirus pandemic reminds me that…

… Virtue signalling exists.

Opponents of lockdown love to claim that their opposition is based on their concern about people with low income.

What they are doing is virtual signalling.

They love accusing the supporters of disparaging low-income people and dismissing their plights… which is, of course, dishonest because I have yet to encounter fellow lockdown supporters who do exactly that; believe it or not, we are also concerned about the economic crisis, which would definitely happen even without lockdowns (do you seriously fucking believe the economies would stay hunky-dory with people dropping dead?).

Prior the pandemic, those people were not concerned with poverty. If anything, they were the extreme opposites of social justice warriors. They blamed poor people for their hardship, they glorified inequality and they would do anything to keep the incomes of lower-class people low.

They oppose lockdowns NOT because they care about people’s prosperity, but because they are selfish fucktards who believe partying and haircuts are more important than the public health. They virtue signal because they want to mask their ungodly egoistic selves.

They remind me of Americans who care about homeless veterans ONLY when refugee crisis is a hot topic. They virtue signal because they know being racist and xenophobic is no longer cool.






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