Being for-profit =/= being innovative

It does not make sense to believe otherwise.

If you want to make easy profit, you have to understand and fulfil market demand… and believe it or not, the public does not always want novelties.

Sometimes, they just want more of the old things. Sometimes, they just want to follow short-lived trends. If innovation and being for-profit always go hand-in-hand, then every business would have offered novelties and successfully sold them. Pop cultures would also have been oases for pioneers.

We know damn well neither is true.

But, the flawed logic is not the most annoying about this belief.

Perceiving businesspeople as the only true innovators also means you dismiss the hard work of people who experiment purely for the sake of knowledge and mankind’s well-being.

If anything, because they are not bound by market demand, they have the freedom to do any experimentations they desire and having no commercial bounds means they can freely explore the horizon.

There is no such thing as useless knowledge. How can you be an innovator and improve the world we live if you know little and care little about how it works, physically and socially? Medicine would not exist without biology and chemistry. Engineering would not exist without mathematics and physics. Applied disciplines would not exist without the theoretical ones.

Believe it or not, what we consider as useful knowledge was once considered useless.

I have made the arguments directly to some people before. Obviously, some stubbornly insist being for-profit is liberating and, unlike me with my argument, they don’t give the details why; they see their opinion as an extremely basic fact of life that shouldn’t be explained further.

Those who are detailed with their argument make bigger idiots out of themselves.

They claim every person who works in the labs, literally all of them, is an entrepreneur. Now, it is one thing to believe that a person can be an entrepreneur and a researcher at the same time. But, it is just fucking stupid to think both professions are the exact same thing!

An entrepreneur is someone who hopes to obtain profits from his/her investments while a researcher is someone who corroborates and searches for new information. Those are the literal definitions of both words! How delusional do you have to be to think both are the same fucking thing?

And, if all researches are indeed entrepreneurs, Tim Berners-Lee -the inventor of World Wide Web- would have started his own IT business and Jonas Salk would have made himself rich by patenting the then urgently-needed polio vaccine. Again, neither is true.

Some even go further by claiming that all researchers are entrepreneurs… because they get paid to do their jobs.  Do I need to explain how fucking stupid is that?

If they are entrepreneurs for that fucking reasons, that means literally every working person who has steady income is a fucking entrepreneur! That means every janitor, every teacher, every civil servant, every soldier, every police officer, every manual labourer is a fucking entrepreneur!

You know you are that stupid when you try defending your stupidity by saying something even more stupid, inadvertently exposing the infinite layers of your stupidity.

I don’t know why such misguided belief comes into being. I only have guesses.

Maybe it has something to do with how the media depict people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos as inventors. Surprise surprise, they are not. They are businesspeople who utilise existing technologies to gain profits.

Yes, existing technologies.

Musk did not invent hybrid cars, space travels and high-speed rail travel (hyperloop), Bezos did not invent e-Commerce and streaming services and Zuckerberg did not invent social network service  (he stole the idea for Facebook, anyway). All of the things I mentioned have existed long before their reigns in the market.

You may argue those individuals improve and popularise said things. You may argue they understand market demand really well. But, you cannot call them inventors just because they are associated with technology. If they are inventors, that means studio executives are also entertainers and artists!

Maybe it has something to do with the veneration of businesspeople,which prevalently exists in the US. The veneration arises because they are seen as risk-takers and job-makers.

Are they risk-takers? If they weren’t born with entire silver cutlery sets in their mouths, then I would acknowledge them as such. Are they job-makers? All businesspeople are. But, referring to them with such title compels us to ignore the rampant labour exploitation and that is what people like Bezos are guilty of.

Maybe those people are projecting themselves.

Maybe, for some reasons, they feel insecure about this profit-loving tendency of theirs. Wanting to justify its existence, they project themselves onto others and they specifically choose researches because they want to prove there is no such thing as people who seek knowledge solely for the sake of it.

I don’t have a problem about entrepreneurship. In fact, as a mixed economy-supporting social democrat, I still have hope in it, albeit not in a neoliberal fashion, much to the dismay of socialists and libertarians I have interacted with.

But, some of the people who defend it remind me of cult members.






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