Is Indonesia a blessed country?

No, it isn’t.

Many say our country is full of blessings because we can grow plants by simply planting sticks into the soil and because we have rich natural and cultural heritage.

Those are not blessings, those are luck. We are lucky to be born here. We are lucky our parents were born and raised here and/or chose to remain here. Being born as Indonesians is the same as winning the lottery. Besides, if the Dutch colonialism did not extend from Sabang to Merauke, our nature and cultures would not be as rich.

Even then, we disparage our luck.

Our natural and cultural conservation efforts are ghastly. Our nature is easily bulldozed by greed and our cultures are easily devoured by time. Not to mention the prevailing corruption and human rights violations which severity is still trivialised by the masses.

Either we play dumb… or we are narcissistic.

How can we look at our own diabolical state of being and think we deserve to be blessed more than any other nations? What noble acts we have carried out that other nations fail to do? What are our moral contributions to the world?

Of course, many countries also fail to preserve their own natural and cultural heritages. Many also fail to uphold human rights.

But, just because other countries are also in shambles, that does not mean we can groundlessly claim superiority over them. Shit will always be shit even when surrounded by piles of shit.






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