Should I listen to hypocritical and/or condescending advices?

No. Why should I?

Hypocrites never practice what they preach and condescending people think too highly of themselves. The former only care about looking upright instead of actually being so. The latter only care about affirming their false sense of superiority.

So, when they give us so-called advices, how do we know they have our best interests in their hearts? How do we know their advices will actually benefit us instead of benefitting them?

Telling me to unquestioningly accept their life advices is like telling me to swallow capsules with poisonous casings simply because their fillings can cure my diseases.

I tried following their advices and not only they did not benefit me, they made my life worse.

Why? Once they knew I took their words seriously, their egos became even more inflated. For them, me following their advices meant I tolerated their hypocrisy and/or I submitted to their so-called inherent superiority. Consequentially, they became even more hypocritical and/or conceited, turning my relationships with them even more toxic than before.

And no, there is nothing petty about this.

Behaviour is not a trivial matter. It is a tangible and inevitable expression of our true selves. If a person is hypocritical or condescending, that means there is something inherently wrong with him/her.

If we can easily labeled people with anger issues as damaged (even though their anger is often justifiable considering the shitheads around them), why can’t we do the same thing with hypocrites and borderline narcissists?






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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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