Veganism 2

What I said on my previous essay about Veganism has also been expressed in other platforms, like Facebook and Youtube comment sections.

When I asserted that veganism can only be moral when it is also concerned about the labour exploitation in farms, someone rebuked me by saying this: seeing your family members beheaded and turned into food is not the same as seeing people having their labours exploited.

That person is right. Objectively, they are not comparable with each other. But, here’s the thing: morally, both are still condemnable.

If you are someone who deliberately put yourself on a moral pedestal -someone like people who embrace veganism for moral reasons and making sure everyone knows about your veganism-, you should condemn any kinds of immorality, regardless of the severity.

Your dismissiveness does not make you reasonable. It makes you a hypocrite.

Youtuber penguinz0 (I will refer to him by his real name, Charlie) is accused of being a hypocrite by fellow Youtuber Vegan Gains. Why? Because Charlie condemns a Mukbang star for eating animals alive and yet, he still eats meat.

Right away, you see how stupid it sounds. Eating animals alive is NOT the same as eating animals that are already dead beforehand. The former actually requires us to be either desensitised or sadistic. The fact that I need to explain this is a problem in itself.

Of course, you may use my logic against me and argue that eating animals is always immoral, regardless of how they died. It sounds valid… if only I have put myself on a moral pedestal in this matter.

If you actually pay attention to what I am saying here (and my previous essay), you would know that I am not opposing veganism because I find it immoral. I am actually sceptical towards its supposed inherent virtue as claim by its proponents. I never claim my consumption of animal products makes me more moral than vegans.

Therefore, my defence of eating animals that are already dead does not make me a hypocrite.

How can you push me off the moral pedestal when I am not standing on one in the first place?






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