More (but not final) thoughts about Hogwarts Mystery

Love and hate the duels

I don’t remember if the game production house ever marketed the duels as a real time online activity. But, one thing for sure: it isn’t.

Almost every time it is my turn to make a move, my decisions aren’t always swift; occasionally, it takes me thirty seconds to decide either because I am thinking about my strategy or the app crashes.

For a while, I thought my opponents were furious with my slowness. It took me a pathetically long time to realise that NONE of my opponents were slow to respond.

There is no way I am the only player who thinks hard about my strategy and has experienced crashing apps. Hence, why I believe I am duelling the AI, disguising itself with the avatars of real users and possibly mimicking their duelling styles. I would be surprised if people claim otherwise.

I don’t mind if I am duelling the AI. But, what I hate is the rigging

Sometimes, my victories and defeats are fair and square; I win because I am being unpredictable and I lose because I am being predictable. I deserve the outcomes. But, that’s not always the case.

There are times when I consecutively win rounds despite my carelessness and consecutively losing rounds despite my meticulousness. The consecutiveness has occurred quite lots of times, it is hard to not see them as a pattern.

When I win, it feels like I am cheating. When I lose, it feels like I am being cheated. But, I have to admit: the defeats elicit significantly stronger emotions.

I fucking hate the main character

Why? Because he/she is selfish.

Despite his flaws,  Harry Potter does not force others to become involved in his problems. If anything, he even considers excluding Ron and Hermione, his best friends, from his final quest.

Jacob’s sibling, on the other hand, does not seem hesitant to involve as many people as possible. He/she persuaded (softly coerced) Penny Haywood to brew love potion despite her unequivocal moral objections and he/she persuades (softly coerces) virtually all of his/her friends to join him/her in dangerous quests. Unlike Harry Potter, he/she takes advantages of other people’s kindness!

I want my protagonists to be humanly flawed. But, it feels like the game refuses to paint this flaw of his/her in a negative light.

An update about the Galleons

In my previous review, I chastised the production company for offering to sell Galleons, which were extremely easy to obtain, as long as you consistently took the classes.

Focus on the word ‘were’.

Back then, the opportunity to duel was a special occasion. Nowadays, you can duel any time you want. The difference is the non-special duelling offer less prizes… and you are required to pay 500 galleons. As I frequently lose, it has been a long time since my Galleons are above 45.000.

While I have never purchased anything from the game and cannot see myself doing so, the selling of galleons is now within reasons.






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