Coronavirus, NOT Chinese virus

I know why you insist on calling it the ‘Chinese virus’. It is either:

You are a racist who sees this crisis as an opportunity to be openly racist with little or no repercussions.

You hate China so much, you want it to be the only country being hold responsible for the spread, even though other countries’ initial inaction is also a contributing factor.

Relating to my previous point, you are just a selfish prick who believes doing preventative measures like stricter personal hygiene and limiting human contacts is beneath you. By insisting on holding a foreign country accountable, you feel you would be relieved of any responsibilities.

Or, it is all of the above.

And no, I don’t believe that you care about the truth. If you do, you would call the virus SARS-CoV-2 or simply coronavirus.

Not only the virus has infected and killed more people outside China than it has inside, the name ‘Chinese virus’ is also factually unsatisfactory; as it t only tells us its place of origin, it says nothing about the symptoms of its disease and it says nothing about how it harms and kills its victims.

If you really care about the truth, you would not care about satisfying your prejudice, fulfilling your political agenda and relieving yourselves of social responsibilities.

If you really care about the truth, shouldn’t you care about the scientific facts, knowing how to win the war against the pandemic and prepare yourselves for future outbreaks?






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