What can young people learn from the older generations?

One thing for certain: we can end up as those cantankerous and problematic fossils.

The (Anglo-western) Boomers were arguably the most progressive generation during their time. But now, many of them end up either as the bootlickers or the boot wearers. They think the only way to live in the present is to live in the past. They end up as the people they once despised.

The world keeps on moving onward… and yet, people like said Boomers keep wanting to press the non-existing pause and rewind buttons.

We young people should ask ourselves: will we keep moving onward with the world?

My answer is obviously yes and I am sure yours are as well. But, how do we know we will keep the promise? How do we know we won’t drown ourselves in our self-conceit as the ‘forward-thinking youngsters’?

“Never stop learning!”. “Take a look in the mirror!”. Personally, I get tired of advices like those two because of they are cliches and often touted by hypocrites. But, at the same time, I grumpily acknowledge the validity of those advices; like it or not, implementing them can make us well-grounded in reality.

Those particular Boomers clearly fail to take heed of those advices and there is no guarantee the current youngsters won’t repeat the same mistake. There is no guarantee we won’t end up as elderly people that young people love to shit on.

By the way, when I say ‘young people’, I am obviously referring to the progressive and status quo-hating ones, not ones who are ideological clones of their forefathers; I mean, even though they are technically young, they are already behaving like fossils.






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