I oppose euthanasia…

*puts on a mask*

… because it is all about ME ME ME AND ME ONLY!

I have two core beliefs: ‘suffering’ is just a myth perpetuated by anti-positivity crowd AND suicide is inherently wrong! Therefore, euthanasia is an affront to my ‘life-is-beautiful’ sensibility!

Those of you who want to be euthanised are selfish! Who cares if you are sentenced to a slow and painful for the rest of your life? My fragile sensibility is based on truth and morality and therefore, it is more important than your desire to be freed from your so-called suffering!

You have to be so selfish that you willingly and easily disregard truth and morality just because you can’t handle a tiny mishap in your life!

*takes off the mask*









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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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