My thoughts about Shane Dawson’s ongoing Jake Paul series

As some of us know, Shane’s The Mind of Jake Paul series is still ongoing. As I am typing this, only two videos had been uploaded. Admittedly, I can’t tell if it is going to rock or bomb. But, I can confidently say the backlashes Shane is receiving are idiotic and blown out of proportion.

First of all, look at the trailers. The editing intentionally made him look like a sinister, monstrous figure who was ready to slaughter you once you let your guard down, exuding vibes not unlike of a psychological thriller flick. Heck, even Shane said Jake would not like what the series is going to be about! Basically, it very much looks like an anti-Jake ‘propaganda’.

And yet, people dishonestly accuse Shane of giving Jake a platform to voice his side of the story, to give his haters ‘perspectives’. That makes me wonder if we watched the exact same videos. They may as well hear Shane saying ‘I hate Harry Potter!’ and then getting accused of ‘loving Harry Potter!’.

Shane is also criticised for his ‘manipulative’ presentation which supposedly overselling the creepiness by utilising unsettling music and sound effects and symbolically-fitting stock videos. For me, this is just another case of unfairly demanding journalistic integrity from entertainers.

Just like Stephen Colbert and his buddies, Shane Dawson is first and foremost an entertainer! His job is to entertain people. He is not a self-proclaimed journalist and he does not have a background as one. What he cares about is to showcase his own vantage points. I mean, his previous series were based on the exact motivation!

His Molly Burke videos were about him getting to know a person who perseveres despite life tribulation and, to a lesser extend, dealing with his fear of blindness. His Tanacon videos were about him confronting a close friend who was in deep, hot water. His Jeffree Star videos were motivated by his curiosity regarding his controversial and mysterious acquaintance.

His Jake Paul videos, the first two at least, were motivated by his fascination and uneasiness for a frankly terrifying personality disorder. It was all about Shane’s thoughts and feelings. No scholarly paradigms, no objectivity. Only subjectivity. If Shane explicitly proclaims himself as a journalist, then one has a good reason to hate his ‘manipulative’ presentation.

Oh, and back to people who accuse him of giving Jake an even louder megaphone.

They threatened to unsubscribe if Shane kept going with the series. I don’t know if they kept their promise. But, frankly, it would be lovely if they did. Yes, one of my favourite idols would have less subscribers. But, at the same time, there would less irrational pricks in a fandom where I belong to.

I can’t wait to watch more of the videos. I wish Shane keeps his promise about keeping the positive light away from Jake.









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