Why do I support Trump’s family separation policy?

*puts on a mask*

Well, the answer is simple: illegal border crossing is literally one of the most heinous crimes humans can commit! It violates our right as citizens to feel protected! It is no secret the biggest threats to a country are and will always be external! Threats are never internal! We know because our feelings say so.

We often feel outsiders constantly try to annihilate our existence and every citizen who constantly declares that is a true patriot who cares about preserving his/her definitely-ancient and ever-static heritage. We also feel nationalists would never demolish the foundations of our existence as a nation, not matter what their actual actions are. I mean, it does not make sense that we destroy our own beloved countries, accidental or not. My feeling says it was not the Nazis who destroyed Germany. Therefore, it’s the truth.

I love feelings. No, not because they make us humans. Humanisation disgusts me. Only libtard cucks love that shit.

No, I love feelings because of how powerful they are. They can make us believe everything, no matter what the actual facts are. That fact alone is enough to obligate us to unconditionally worship feelings and dismiss every fact as fake news.

If we feel that the biggest threat to our existence as a nation is from outside the border, then it is the truth. Those illegal immigrants are violating the godliness of our unfounded feelings! So, they must receive the worst punishments we can think of: family separation.

Families torn apart? Children abducted? Boo hoo! How about the feeling of fear-mongering patriots like us? Those animals violate our right to justify any misguided feewings! This is a human rights violation! This is literally worse than the holocaust!

The children become psychologically damaged forever. So what? Children are responsible for their parents’ actions as well! As I have said many times before, children can choose their parents! When we were just spirits, we made conscious decisions to choose which bodies we would inhabit! So yes, punishing children for their parents’ actions is not only morally justified, it is also be our moral duty to do so!

My only problem with Trump is he ended up signing a policy that prohibit the separation, as if he never supported it in the first place. Like, why? Why would such an honorable man like him back down from such an honorable policy? Why would he stoop down that low?

*takes off the mask*









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