How to empower victims

*puts on a mask*

I am going to categorise them into two: rape victims and hate crime victims. Empowering them requires hatred from us, the people who care about them. But, the hatred itself is implemented differently to each group.

When it comes to ‘rape victims’, you have to be hateful AGAINST them. You have to slut-shame them, call out their slutty dresses and their slutty habits! Accuse them of inciting the rape! Who do they think they are? Actual victims? No! They are forced to have sex! Big deal! They are just playing victims! In fact, they have to realise that by pressing charges, they become the tormentors! They are tormenting their rapists who just want to have sex and got unfairly rejected, they are tormenting innocent bystanders who just want to live a life free from the inconvenience of hearing people who complained about experiencing involuntary orgasms! Stop them from subjugating themselves with non-existing victimhood!

When it comes to hate crime victims, you have to plant seeds of hatred INSIDE them. You have to coerce them to hate every single individual who shares mere identities with the people who dehumanise them, you have to make them believe that sharing identities is essentially a complicity! If they refuse to hate, if they insist on fighting hate with love and humanity, shame them! Shame them for humanising their tormentors and their accomplices! Shame them for being compliant to bigotry and violence! Shame them for believing that hate should not be fought with hate! Shame them for not stooping to their tormentors’ level!

Love and a sense of humanity are signs of weaknesses. Hatred is a sign of strength. Be hateful. Empower others… and yourself.

*takes off the mask*









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