What are real jobs? Why should you love them?

*puts on a mask*

Besides being a job where constant hard work are required (as some jobs don’t require any work at all), a real job is where profits are constant, something beloved by old-fashioned establishment, where creativity and individualism are discouraged or even branded as sins, where traditions restrain your every single move, where men of dignity thrive…

…and the last part reveals why we should love real jobs.

Men of dignity are not ones who have mind and sentiments of their own, assert their own individuality, crave freedom and open to changes. Men of dignity are ones who prioritise money over idealism, who let their thoughts and feelings entirely dictated by superiors and societies, who love any forms of hierarchies, who will die for the sake of keeping the status quo alive.

This is why I hate artists and entertainers! They are independent, open to new ideas and they always have it easy!

Like seriously, do you expect me to believe that Mona Lisa was difficult to create? Do you expect me to believe that I couldn’t have drawn the whole thing in a matter of minutes?

Sometimes, I cannot differentiate jokes and sincerity apart.

*takes off the mask*









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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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