I support free, absolutely unrestrained capitalism…

*puts on a mask*

…because there is nothing more than titillating than our embrace of corporate depravity. Corporations must never be bound by any rules, not even by the genuinely thoughtful ones. Especially by them.

Thoughtfulness is repulsive, it is antithetical to beauty. Do you know what is beautiful? Corporations putting smaller businesses to end by destroying competitions, corporations exploiting workers who actually help bringing in the money, corporations who see their customers as nothing but their personal cash cows that they can milk to death, corporations who are willing to destroy the environment and the health of the people for the sake of fortune!

I hate regulations because they are the ones who keep big corporations from becoming all-powerful Gods who have the world on their steely, heartless grasps. With the existence of impeding rulings, there would be none of those bullish business entities. If they don’t exist, then I don’t have any forceful and frightening beings to worship!

Why bother living, then?

*takes off the mask*









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Author: The Stammering Dunce

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