How to be an ethical satirist


*puts on a mask*

First, we have to define satire. According to Wikipedia, it is ‘a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement’.

The definition gets the general gist of what a satire. Well, mostly. I have a beef with it which I will explain soon.

Overall, there are two types of satire: Horation and Juvenalian. Horation is playful, good-natured and humorous. Juvenalian is unsympathetic, crude and even downright hostile. The former is often used to target people and things we don’t have ill feeling for while the latter is often used to target powerful individuals and entities.

….And I think how people make use of Juvenalian style is barbaric.

I mean, seriously? Making fun of the powerful? How dare they? We must treat them as they are: powerful beings!

I don’t care if they possess power through honesty, inheritance or dishonesty. The possession of power deserves veneration from anyone beneath. It is everyone’s sacred duty to protect powerful ones’ fragile emotions. Refusal to caress their ego is literally more sinful than murder. LITERALLY! So, who are the appropriate targets of Juvenalian satire? The powerless ones, of course!

Minorities, the disabled and even women (assuming misogyny is still severe). Just like it is to not uphold the integrity of the powerful ones, it is a sacrilege to not kick the powerless ones on their tragic faces.

The powerless ones consciously choose to be powerless. They choose which parents they are born to. If they fail to get what they want, they would do shits like embracing marginalised cultures and religions, changing their skin colours to more undesirable ones, making themselves disabled and even changing their sex to female!

Their low status makes them deserve all of the dehumanisation they have received since the dawn of time! They can protest all they want, demanding equal rights.. But, deep down, I am sure that they don’t care about equality. They just love to be subhumans who intentionally harass the powerful ones with their distinctiveness.

They hurt the establishment. They hurt one thing that is more beloved and honourable than everything else.

Now, you know why I find Wikipedia’s definition of satire problematic.

*takes off the mask*









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