The dignified Indonesians

*puts on a mask*

Dignified how? Well, we have ancestral pride. We, the inlanders*, believe it’s appropriate to f*ck the outlanders. We can choose our ancestry. Before entering them, our souls can choose any bodies we want. Good people choose the ones of pure-blooded natives.

We also love light skin. This is why we also f*ck the Papuans. We take their resources, neglect their development and gets pissed when separatism happens. It’s their destiny to be our pet monkeys. We have to keep that stays rooted.

But, when other countries accuse us of those, we won’t admit it. Instead, we accuse other nations of it, even though they’re not. The world hates our dignity. As much it sucks, maintaining a good image is a priority. Revealing the truth’s optional.

I don’t know why Indonesia gets all the shit. If our traits are indeed bad, then explain why we are one of the best countries? We top the human rights and human development charts! We are a model country! The other best countries are similar to us! Those critics are just jealous haters. They always are.

*takes off the mask*

*A pejorative nickname for the natives during Dutch colonialism

Author: The Stammering Dunce

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