The beauty of fandoms

*puts on a mask*

I love being a member of fandoms. If we are asked to describe ourselves, we would use adjectives like “cerebral”, “idealistic”, “sophisticated”, “positively rebellious”, “unique” and “superior”. It is not narcissistic if it is true. We are special. We are beautiful. These are the good reasons for us to believe that:

We believe our tastes are the best…

Wait, let me correct that. Our tastes are indeed the best. It is not an opinion, it is a fact! No, we are not being biased. It just happens that ours are the best ones.

…and we demonise anyone who don’t share ours.

Good tastes are everything. They define our worth as human beings, more so than our morality. Don’t have good tastes? You don’t deserve humane treatment. You are literally worse than Hitler!

We hate changes.

We love the old ones because they are awesome. But, those change-loving deviants want us to love the new ones. Anything new is inherently worse! Judge something based on its age, not on what it has to offer. This is why dignified people love age-old bigotry!

We are so entitled.

Our good tastes entitle us with more rights. Our demands have to be granted! The creators do not -and should not- have any creative control. It is our prerogative! I don’t care if there are others who love the creators’ works. If we don’t enjoy them, others shouldn’t as well!

Do you want to be special? Do you want to raise through the social ranks? Do you want to become real humans? Follow our steps and be us!

That is a nice motto. Be us! BS for short!

*takes off the mask*

Author: The Stammering Dunce

I write blogs. I love to act smarter than I really am and I pretend that my opinions are of any significance. Support me on Patreon:

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