Meet the silent ones

Meet Mr. A.

He is an out-of-touch, immoral hedonist. A stands for asshole. All he does is indulging in low brow entertainment. He is never involved in any activism. He never talks about important issues. He thinks life is too short to worry about them.

Meet Ms. B.

She is heartless and selfish. B stands for bitch. She wastes her parents’ money because she wants to punish them with poverty. She never does anything to please others. Every time her mother cries, she never does anything to console her. She is never saddened by her relatives’ death. Everything has to be all about her.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. C.

They are Muslim extremists. C stands for c*nts. They come from extremist families that they have yet to denounce. They never condemn groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. They are anti-semites. They work together with radical clerics. They complain too much about anti-Muslim bigotry and never about the Islamic one. Mrs. C wears the hijab because she is forced by her family and husband. They vilify Muslim reformers. As residents of the western world, they sure are ungrateful.

You do understand them. When I said “them”, I meant the masks they are wearing…which you brutally and heartlessly nail on their faces. Let us take them off gently and see the true faces:

Meet Mr. A.

His hedonism does not -and will never- prevent him to be moral. In fact, he is more moral than his detractors. He actually cares about the horror of his world. He hasn’t done anything because he doesn’t know where to start his activism. He is quiet about many issues because he is smart enough to realise their complexity.

Meet Ms. B.

She wastes her parents’ money because she keeps failing college courses. Too sinful to be forgiven but not ill-intentioned. She has made attempts to please others…which are never appreciated. She never consoles her crying mother…because she didn’t hear her crying. Oh and her mother is an attention-seeking bitch. Ms. B is saddened by deaths. But, unlike most humans (who feel reservedness is a sin), she prefers to hold the tears back; exuberance cringes her.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. C.

They are very progressive Muslims. They are activists who fight for a peaceful and tolerant Muslim world. They are hated by their fellow Muslims, including their own families. They receive death threats from both Muslims and non-Muslims. Of course, they complain a lot about anti-Muslim bigotry: they have been enduring it for years! All of the horrible things about them? All false! The media and the Muslim “reformers” who pander to anti-Muslim bigots keep slandering them. They cannot accept how the couple have their own way of tackling problems. Oh and Mrs. C started wearing hijab before she met Mr. C, who believes in choices.


They are always silent about their good sides. Why? Well, unlike most you, they don’t see the need in advertising them. They do good things because their hearts are genuine. If you need to advertise, you are nothing but a bloody lump of human insincerity. The silent ones may be better than you.

Author: The Stammering Dunce

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