Three reasons why you need to do well at school


*puts on a mask*


You don’t go to school to get knowledge. You go there so that it is easier for you to find jobs! Future employers demand high grades. They genuinely believe that grade accurately indicates our skills and intelligence. They don’t know high grades can be gained by sucking up to the incompetent teachers and cheating. More naive than those sheltered religious children. Wait, I think there is nothing wrong with cheating. As I said, it is all about the grades. It is not wrong if you don’t get caught, right? Right? Right?

Superficial status!

Schools make us smarter… what another naive thing people believe. It doesn’t matter how imbecile you are. A degree would save you jeers from those assholes whose minds are shallower than kiddies’ pool for ants. You have care about what they think. If the intense fear starts sipping in, you are doing it right.

Learn disciplines that give you the social prestige, not the ones you love. People always look up to doctors and see them as heroes, despite the rampant malpractice and how some of them only care about the money and status. I don’t care if learning things you are not passionate about them makes you dead inside. Your psychological welfare is of no importance.

The beautiful brain-washing!
Schools can teach us how to be decent human beings…which is how the majority live their lives. Being a minority means you are an insult to human decency. Do not make your own thoughts. Just accept what most people believe! Do you want to be suffer people’s intolerance? No, right? Then, pander to their intolerance! Schools can guide us how to do that. The teachers can shame us for simply disagreeing with. They even can punish us for it!It may seem horrifying to experience. But, trust me, you would feel like a new person. As an adult, your fantastically desentisised self would witness the “teaching” process apathetically. That, I think, is the peak of your personal success.

*takes off the mask*

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