Hufflepuff is the worst house….

*puts on a mask*

…because it accepts anyone, as long as they want to learn! Like, seriously? That is unacceptable! Gryffindor only accept brave students (despite the Cowardly Lion mascot), Slytherin only accepts ambitious (and racist) ones and Ravenclaw only accepts students with brains bigger than their humility! They are willing to bow to academic elitism and that is the best form of education! We should focus on important things….and willingness to learn is not one of them! Academic elitism believes that not all students deserve proper education. I don’t know why many are against it. Inequality is a beautiful thing. It is the only one thing that keeps the world united. Equality is an atrocity. It has LITERALLY killed more people than famine, diseases and wars combined.

*takes off the mask*

Author: The Stammering Dunce

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