How to be a good believer like me?

religion-praying*puts on a mask*

Just follow these three steps:

1. Read the scriptures literally.

Non-literal reading encourages doubt and that can lead to common sense. God is a tyrant who hates common sense. If you love God, treat Him like the way He is….or else.

2. Be a c*nt.

I don’t understand why people love being kind to one another. Dehumanisation of our fellow human beings is how I become closer to God, who is also a c*nt. If you love God, you should act like Him.

3. Bond with other c*nts.

If you want to be more spiritual, have them as companies. Being surrounded by them would help you get c*ntier.

4. …and the militant secularists.

They are also c*nts as well, just like us. They agree with us about what it takes to be true believers. We are not that different after all. Being c*nts together, forever…..

*takes off the mask*

Author: The Stammering Dunce

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