How to deal with Muslims!


First published on on August 1, 2016.

*Puts on a mask*

Tired of dealing with those pesky Muslims messing with our lives? Tired of them trampling with westernism, the only valid and flawless way of life? Tired of them trying to be seen as humans? Well, I have got the solution just for you. It is so easy, it only has two steps! It is a simple-minded solution for simple-minded people. Now, let’s get started!

Accept the fact that they are deceptive liars! All of them!

Yes, yes. I know there are over a billion of them around the world. In fact, it is the perfect disguise! Who would have thought that an extremely large number of people can hide a horrendeous secret: a global Islamic domination? Intelligent people. I mean, just think about it! What kind of idiots who demand evidences to support stereotypes and conspiracy theories? True intelligence does not make us doubt, it makes us believe.

(well, doubt is also good..only being used against “positive” claims about Satans. Believe is good…but only when used for “truthful” negative stories about them. So, I hope you get my point)

The Muslims have a concept called Taqiyya. Essentially, it is the idea that Muslims can lie about how not all Muslims are extremists and what Islam really is (I don’t believe a religion’s teachings can have multiple interpretations; I agree with ISIS and Al-Qaeda about what true Islam should be). But, there will be unbelievably blind people who say other. They would spew lies like how not every Muslim knows what Taqiyya is and how it is an exclusively Shia concept that allows Shia Muslims hiding their faith to avoid prosecution from Sunnis. May I say bullshit? Don’t you dare believe otherwise! Those Muslims are doing Taqiyya! Also, Muslims killing Muslims? Another bullshit! Muslims only kill non-Muslims! Those Muslim Syrian refugees lie about escaping the atrocities of ISIS!

The malice of Muslims are not even that hidden. Various surveys have shown most of them want death for apostates and want Sharia for everyone; they don’t even try to hide it to the surveyors whom they call “infidels”. When stats say 70% of Muslims believe in something atrocious, it means LITERALLY 70% of Muslims. The surveyors LITERALLY surveyed every single Muslim, over a billion of them! Come on! What kind of social statistics that only survey a handful of people and claim they represent an entire group? That is just dumb and deceptive. The statistics that portray them as good people are just propaganda. They are propaganda because they threaten our fragile beliefs!

Actually, there are Muslims we can trust: the ones who demonise their fellow Muslims! They are awake enough to realise their lowest of the low status. They should be trusted with our lives. It doesn’t matter if they are motivated by fame and fortune or not. The demonisation and their pandering to anti-Muslim westerners are all that matter.

Accept the fact that they are not humans!

Hui people of China

Just like the fucking Arabs! Wait, considering how all Arabs are Muslims and all Muslims are Arabs, I am just being redundant here (and they are all brown, aren’t they?).

As I have shown you compelling evidences, I think we can quickly conclude that none of them are humans. A group of billions and they are all the same? You can convince us that they are just like us and you can die trying. Frankly, I don’t know if they are robots, aliens, an unknown species of animals or spawns of devil himself. Robots would be cool though. We can re-programme their artificial brains to obey our commands…

Wait, that is a great idea! We should capture some of them and find a way to re-programme their brains. Then, we can command them to go to the Middle East to fight ISIS themselves! Men, women, elderly, teens, children and infants! They are all able-bodied, right? They would make great toy soldiers that we can treat whatever we want! So what if they are dead? Their loss would not be missed at all. Our empathy for Muslims should only extend to the Muslim-hating ones. They are the best lap dogs we can have because we don’t need to re-programme their brains. They acknowledge their non-human status. They are the true reformers, the true progressives.

Sundanese dancers (Indonesia)

Mind blowing conclusion

(it may not seem mind blowing. But, all you have to do is “believe”)

They are deceptive robots and we should accept that as a fact…unless you want the entire world to crumble. They are a bunch of misogynistic homophobes who discriminate non-believers! Do you seriously want that? Those shits are our prerogative! Stand up for our rights to be hateful! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly!

Senegalese dancers

Repeat after me!

Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly! Hate is beautiful! Love is ugly……

Keep going until you are more dehumanised yourself….

*Takes off the mask*

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